Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.
— Proverbs 4:23
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My Dearest MacKynzie,

Our family dog is a beautiful chocolate lab. She only knows one speed... crazy. Several times a day we let her in the house and she bounces around with a big smile on her face, shaking her whole booty in happiness, leaving destruction in her path.

We got poor little ‘LaLaLoopsy' at an animal shelter. Someone tied her to a tree and left her. When we first looked into her big brown eyes behind those bars she was so skinny and stinky... but smiling. It’s amazing to me that she kept such a great spirit in a dreaded and miserable environment. That smile had us at first sight so we brought stinky Loo home and cleaned her up. Until we got Loo, I never noticed unconditional happiness.

There are so many things that make Loo happy. She loves food and will eat anything. We even caught her pulling a cucumber off the vine in our garden and her smiley face gobbled up the whole thing within seconds. A hose is like Disney Land to our Loo. Even when we are mad at her, she looks at us like she is so happy that someone notices her. 

Spending time with Loo makes me wonder. How can something be so happy? Is it possible for me to be like Loo. (Haha while writing that line I envisioned myself in the front yard jumping with joy while bitting at the hose.) For real though, is it possible to be a person-like version of Loo and fill my life with unconditional happiness?

I believe that happiness is a choice. I believe that at any given moment, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we can choose to be happy. Though it seems to come natural to Loo, I think that with a little practice we can welcome unconditional happiness into our lives as well. I’m not saying that it is going to be easy to smile when you spill coffee all over your clean shirt as you rush out of the door fifteen minutes late to a meeting. It might be tough to laugh when the bag of roaches you got for your family pet lizard busts open in the car while you are driving down the interstate (yes, this really happened). Think for a moment. What is the difference between getting mad or getting happy? What does getting mad actually accomplish? 'Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.' If your heart is grumpy and negative than your life will be grumpy and negative. 

My loving advice to you. Take some advice from Loo. Next time something in your life takes a left turn when you were expecting a right, choose to be unconditionally happy about it. Ask yourself
1) Is this really a big deal and something to be mad about?
2) What good can come from this horrible situation? (Dig deep, there is ALWAYS something good). 
3) How can I make the best out of this? 
The most amazing thing about choosing to be happy instead of sad or mad is the ripple effect it has on others. A simple change of attitude can make a huge difference with everyone you come in contact with. 

My definition of unconditional happiness: Happiness that is not limited by conditions, circumstances or events. The choice to trust in God and find a positive perspective in every situation. 

My love to you and my prayer for an amazing life!  Live to inspire <3 to create!

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